"An Outstanding Business Journey with Denise

It's impossible to encapsulate the transformative impact of Denise's coaching in a mere review, but I'll do my best. Joining forces with Denise wasn't just about business growth; it was about unlocking my own potential and propelling myself towards goals I never thought achievable.

Guiding Light, Not Guru: Unlike other coaches who dictate methods, Denise became a collaborative partner. She actively listened, challenged my assumptions with gentle empathy, and ignited new perspectives like a master storyteller. Her insights weren't generic; they were tailored to my unique personality, business, and aspirations.

Expert Navigator: Whether it was tackling strategic roadblocks, crafting a compelling vision, or refining leadership skills, Denise's expertise shone through. She introduced me to powerful tools and frameworks, but more importantly, she taught me how to apply them effectively. This hands-on approach empowered me to become a better strategist, leader, and decision-maker.

Unwavering Support: The journey wasn't always smooth. Doubts crept in, and obstacles emerged. But Denise was there every step of the way, a constant source of encouragement and unwavering support. She celebrated my victories, big and small, and offered invaluable guidance during setbacks. Her belief in me fueled my own, propelling me forward even when I faltered.

The Results Speak for Themselves: The numbers tell part of the story – increased revenue, expanded reach, and a more efficient team. However, the true testament to Denise's impact lies in the intangible: the newfound confidence, clarity, and strategic thinking I now possess. I am a bolder, more effective leader, and my business reflects that transformation.

More Than Just Coaching: Denise isn't just a coach; she's a mentor, a cheerleader, and a trusted confidante. She genuinely cares about her clients' success, and it shows in every interaction. Working with her wasn't just a professional investment; it was an investment in myself, and the returns have been immeasurable.

If you're seeking a transformative business coaching experience, look no further than Denise. She will challenge you, guide you, and empower you to achieve what you never thought possible. With her by your side, your business journey won't just be successful; it will be extraordinary."

Max Arocha DMD

"Behind all great professional athletes are great coaches - logically, all other professionals (especially business professionals) should be able to benefit from coaching. This epiphany occurred to me over a year ago, and it eventually led me to Denise Dema.

If you look at the great coaches in history, you'll see three unmistakable qualities: 1) Unquestionable experience, 2) an uncanny ability to inspire performance, and 3) they are all great teachers. These were the rigorous criteria I used when searching for a life coach, and I will say that by all definitions, Denise Dema is a world-class coach (and a rare find indeed).

For me, what initially set Denise apart is her expansive business background, and this is crucial-just as any basketball or football coach was once a successful player, Denise has an impressive track record in just about every facet of business. I found that so many life coaches just simply do not have this breadth of experience or knowledge, and as expected, Denise not only inspired my professional development but also taught me a great deal more about my own business than I ever expected. Great coaches not only inspire performance, but they are also excellent teachers.

As for personal development, Denise has had an enormous impact on my life. Not only did she inspire me to obtain a higher level of self-awareness, she taught me how to be self-aware at all times. These benefits can never be fully quantified as her wisdom continues to have a profound impact on me each and every day.

Finally, when it comes to seeking advice, I always think of that old adage: "never take a stock tip from a cab driver". Accordingly, your life coach should have that special and indispensable quality known as experience... and if you perform an exhaustive search for a business and life coach with invaluable experience (believe me, I've done it), you'll have a very short list on your hands - not surprisingly, Denise Dema will be one of the few names on the top of that list."
S. Skillen, Co-founder, Alpha Atlantic Capital

“Denise Dema coached my husband and me. Her ability to quickly learn our personalities and needs and to tailor her coaching style to fit those was awesome. She has skill in motivational techniques that worked best for each of us in reaching success. Denise is honest, intelligent and genuinely cares about the success of her clients. She is open to communication, even outside of scheduled sessions, and truly gives of herself. Her ultimate goal is to see her clients grow and succeed in all aspects of life. You can expect and know that working with Denise, as a life coach, will improve your life and increase your success in life and business.”
G. Vazzana, Owner - Pivotal Products, LLC. 

Denise is so motivated to help you succeed. She goes the extra mile constantly to make sure you have the tools that you need. I can't thank her enough for keeping me on the right path.
Taylor Cerjan, Founder - NE14GLF

“I contacted Denise because I was dissatisfied with my professional career path and certain personal aspects of my life that I wanted to change. From the first session I had with Denise I felt comfortable and felt that I could be open honest. She has been thorough in trying to understand my goals so she could assist me in making changes and to move forward professionally and personally.  Denise provided support, structure, and encouragement, which have helped me obtain a rewarding career position in the field of nursing. She has helped me to understand myself better and has been very insightful. Denise provided me with the tools to be more proactive, which has allowed me to be a better person and has enabled me to be more confident and successful in all aspects of my life. I am so grateful for her assistance in helping me succeed at work, focus on my values, lead a more fulfilling life, and be accountable in all aspects of my life. She is a phenomenal coach and I would highly recommend her services!” 
Stephanie Corcos, Nurse

“Denise brings great energy, rational thought and sage advice to every meeting. She works hard to know who you are and the comprehensive environment you live and work within. I had never worked with a LC prior to meeting with Denise. Being completely honest I didn’t make the initial decision to hire Denise: my brother did. I had entered a very challenging point in my life and my brother stepped in with the strong recommendation that I meet with Denise. I look back over the past year and reflect on how far I have come from that initial meeting and can attribute many of the successes and accomplishments to my work with her. Denise is a very credible coach. She is compassionate and empathetic but practical and unwavering in her pursuit of helping you to achieve your goals.”  
J. Ganon, Private Wealth Manager

“It was about 10 years ago that I first retained Denise Dema, as a consultant, to design and implement a training program for my sales staff. The program and the results were so impressive that I extended her contract, and have continued to employ her services on a periodic basis to date. I have relied on her to train new salespeople and managers, and have also brought her in to motivate and energize the entire staff - because no one does that as well as Denise. She is one-of-a-kind amazing! Her unique approach blends aspects of a teacher, life coach, creative problem solver and, what everyone needs - a motivator. I wish I had her talent, but since I don't, I'm thrilled I have her help."
G. Tashjian, President - Burgundy Wine Company

“Denise is personal and professional. We had her come into our office for a wellness workshop and what she managed to fit in just a couple hours was so beneficial to our personal lives and the chemistry of the company. Recommend her highly!”
Andrea Gonzalez, Administrative Assistant – JGAMARKETING

“Denise was referred to me by a good friend who has used her coaching services in the past with RAVING reviews. I have had a many coaches in my sales career over many years and none have pushed me to the point of achievement as Denise's coaching did. Denise's coaching technique is a complete system which helps you be a better businessperson, salesman/woman, father/mother, husband/wife, friend... you get the picture.

Through Denise's questions, her understanding of the human mind, her experience at high level sales & management positions and her human soft side, she will help you self-discover your greatness to a level of amazing results in your career and personal life. In the 6 months of working with Denise, I can honestly say that I am on the way to a very successful, prosperous and fulfilling life both personal and financial.

If you are serious about your future and need a gentle yet stern hand to get you where you want to be in life to achieve dreams you have always set aside because you thought you could not ever achieve them... What are you waiting for?Call Denise because she is the complete package!!”
G.Contrino, Global Property Specialist - Contrino Global Investments

"Denise Dema has helped me sort through my personal and business life with ease and expertise; she is a great asset for any industry out there. She had a real grasp of how to solve the puzzle of balance and allowed me to see a different point of view to execute my strengths. A phenomenal coach, Denise was able to help improve my business model, business strategy, and sales etiquette. I hope that everyone has the chance to let Denise work her magic and reap the benefits, professional or personal life, she has made all the difference."
M. Ridgeway, Broker - CRC Insurance

“I was referred to Denise Dema by a friend for life coaching. I had heard of life coaching but I did not know what life coaches do. I needed direction and to be able to focus in order to be productive. Denise helped me set some goals and work on something I already wanted to pursue. She helped me tremendously to identify and resolve a lot of issues I had that were distracting and preventing me from accomplishing these goals. It helped me to have her follow my progress and keep me motivated and on track.

I am a physician and I have accomplished a lot in the past but I now realize that many people, I included, often reach an impasse and need some help to go in a positive direction. Denise has done this for me. I am grateful to my friend that introduced me to her.

I highly recommend Denise as a life coach. I realize how she has improved my life and I've recommended her to a number of my friends.”
B. Benefield, Physician

"There are few rare times in business when you meet a professional who has the ability to help you sort out the activities of your business to make more room for growth; Denise is one of those rare professional.

I have had the privilege of knowing Denise for nearly 2 years; and just recently started working with her for my company. The goal is to optimize time and create efficiency for future expansion of services and clientele. The awareness she has created of what is needed to be done in order to streamline and grow my business is nothing short of priceless.

Denise has provided my company with exceptional service. And what impresses me the most is her depth of knowledge in various aspects of business efficiency and growth. She has now been added to the 'very short list' of my company's secret weapon for growth. I would highly recommend her business coaching."
M. Anthony, President - Boost Media

"When I first contacted Denise my life was in disarray, both personally and professionally. My personal life was all over the place and heading in a direction I wasn't happy with. I heard of Denise though a friend and contacted her for some coaching. After our first phone call I knew she would be able to help me get on the right path. She met me in person the first few sessions and we were able to get comfortable with each other which really helped us get on the same level. 
Denise keeps me accountable, creates awareness, gives me options and advice with exercises that keep me on the right path. Over the many months of working with her I've noticed some major changes in my life. Even my family members have noticed a change which is what I'm most grateful for. I am now living my life being Proactive not Reactive which has improved all the decisions I make in my personal life and business. I'm extremely happy that I found Denise and I will continue to work with her so I can stay on the right path. Denise Dema is really a great coach because she creates change. I am living proof!"
M. Ioia, Owner - Dental Fix

"It is with joy that I commend to you, Ms. Denise Dema, Life Coach extraordinaire. 
When I sought the services of a Life Coach, I found three people I deemed as worthy of further exploration. I spoke with Denise first and never pursued the other two. It was clear from my first conversation with her that I had found the person that could and would help me re-focus and energize my career. I chose face to face over phone meetings as that is a personal style of mine. 
From the first meeting to this moment, Denise has fulfilled every hope and expectation I may have had. She is incredibly thoughtful, creative, knowledgeable, open, daring, bold and punctual. She is dedicated to my needs and success 100%. There is never a time that she is not working with and for me. I do not have to be present for her to be thinking, researching and planning on my behalf. She is supportive, encouraging and patient when I am feeling doubtful and insecure. She is always capable of taking a step back or forward depending on what else is occurring in my life at that time. Her caring and concern are sincere. 
It is without hesitation that I enthusiastically urge the reader to retain the services of Denise Dema in your personal, professional, spiritual or other journey to happiness and fulfillment. She will help you attain heights of happiness and joy that you only imagined."
Rabbi Mitch Feld, MSW Founder- Addiction Counseling with Rabbi Mitch

Denise Dema has been a tremendous coach and marketing mentor for my business, Worldwide Refrigeration Industries. We are a very successful commercial manufacturer of walk-in coolers/freezers sold internationally and wanted to improve our local presence through social media and develop marketing programs for niche products. Since hiring her business revenues has increased and as my business grows in other areas, I will be sure to utilize her skills to expedite the process. She has been a great advisor for all aspects of my business and I highly recommend her services.
M. Montes, Owner- Worldwide Refrigeration Industries, Inc.

"I came to Denise a few months ago with the hopes of putting my chaotic life back on track and building my business into something that would sustain me and my family. I wasn't in a position to be spending money on anything, let alone a coach, but I was working night and day and not reaching my goals. I knew that I wasn't going to get ahead without some help and so I sought out Denise. 
Denise has given me some great steps to implement and changes to make in my daily life that have made a huge difference in not only my business productivity but also my family life. I'm now able to take a day off each week, guilt free and still get my client work done. I'm actually achieving things now that were big struggles for me before. It's a process for sure, but with Denise's encouragement and judgment free support, I'm no longer scared about what tomorrow will bring. 
My business is better and I am happier too. I wish I had met Denise years earlier. I really like having a cheerleader to celebrate my accomplishments with and to guide me in the direction to improve myself and make better decisions."
K. Hopper, Owner - Imagination Required & Alfie's Treasures

"I have been working with Denise for over 2 years. Denise is very insightful and unbiased in her business and beliefs. She listens to my issues and gives corrective action with follow up for whatever issues I deal with on a personal and professional level. Denise has a strong sense of faith and encourages me to do the right thing. Catering to the self-employed business professional, Denise has helped enhance my business and family life in such a very positive and rewarding way. Thank you for working with me Denise and putting me on the right path for a balanced life."
J. Bucher, President - iClaim Services

"I was referred to Denise Dema through a friend. At the time I was having some issues with my self-confidence and since I really wasn't aware of what a life coach did - we spoke and decided to get together. I really feel that I have seen a major transformation in myself, in my personal life and business world as well. Denise has helped me in so many ways. I am very grateful and the best part is in my daily life I feel so much more confident. I am growing in leaps and bounds by stepping out of my comfort zone and experiencing so much more than ever before - she is amazing!!"
J. Walgenwitt, Owner - Natural Healing, LLC.

"Denise knows her stuff. When I would ordinarily accept rejection from a client and move on to another one - Denise taught me effective techniques on influencing people to generate sales. She effectively observed how I work, and within a day, came up with organization techniques to implement and different ways to make me utilize my time better to generate more sales. I am already seeing results - I'm very pleased and so is my boss. And of course there is the matter of my paycheck - it's bigger."
P. Johnson, Wine Consultant - Burgundy Wine Company

"Denise is outstanding and her coaching was invaluable to me. I learned to identify the barriers and key performance issues that have been holding me back. Denise was incredibly skilled at helping me see things from different perspectives and held me accountable to achieving my goals. 
Denise is not only challenging and insightful, but also patient and understanding, with remarkable instincts and knowledge. She brings a rare combination of skills as a seasoned business advisor and life management coach. Her coaching style is a perfect fit for any business executive and leader who wants to perform at a higher level and the insight I learned will be invaluable for the rest of my career. I'm a much better listener in general, improved my time management, and handle myself more effectively in meetings. I would recommend Denise to anyone that wants to become more productive in both their career and personal life."
S. Molan, Manager - Equity First Esq.

"Denise, your impact has been tremendous. As a business coach, you have helped me focus on my plan, prioritize my activities, and become much more efficient. From a personal coaching perspective, you have been a fantastic sounding board, and you have helped me understand issues from many different perspectives. You also have a gift for stripping away the layers of an issue and getting to the heart, where it can be solved. You have gently but firmly pushed me when I needed it most, and that has made a world of difference in both the personal and professional aspects of my life. For that, I sincerely thank you."
B. Bianco, President - HomeTec Builders

"Denise Dema distills the essence of change into simple, powerful tools that work to liberate productivity, balance the mind/body, and open hearts. Denise presents the way to turn intentions into action, challenges into strength, and experiences into wisdom. She can make a profound difference at every level of business and personal lives."
M.G. Schock, President - Light Source Living

"Denise Dema has been a major contributor and an instrumental part of the success of US Money Corp. over the past year. An exceptional Coach, Denise was able to help US Money Corp. build a strong Management group for all company Operations as well as a world class Sales Team. Denise improved our business model, business penetration strategy, sales model and sales processes. I would strongly recommend Denise and her services to both business and personal clients around the globe. I strongly believe that Denise would be a major asset to any organization that she coaches."
D. Allen, President - US Money Corp.

"Denise is outstanding! I now have clarity on my vision and mission and I am so grateful. Denise really gave me confidence and a lot of great ideas that enabled me to excel in business, and she took a genuine interest in my performance and success. Thanks!"
R. Schiller, Account Manager - TW Metals

"One of the greatest gifts I have ever given to myself is to work with a good coach. Denise has been a constant source of inspiration, motivation, encouragement and support -- and much humor!. With her gentle, firm and sometime down right blunt guidance, I have clarity in my purpose and a strategy to translate my vision into reality. She has helped me navigate the rough terrains, held me up when I am down and cheer me on when I am on a roll. She has kept me accountable to myself, taught me new skills, and reminded me to value myself -- without reservation!"
C. Boehm, Medical Massage Therapist

"Denise has helped me to achieve more of a balance between my work and personal life, and this has led to a greater enjoyment of life in general. That's a return on investment that can't be measured."
R. White, President - Whiterobin Design

"You live life to the fullest and are always willing to help and give to others. Your are selfless in a world of selfishness. You compliment this world of ours Denise Dema...I wish there were more Denise Demas in our world, but I know with your training, coaching and inspiration you will leave this world a better place...What a legacy to leave."
L.M.Sola, Owner - LMS International

A word from Denise Dema...

I help clients unlock their potential by creating a safe atmosphere to elevate their own personal awareness. By elevating your conscious awareness, you will gain amazing insight and accountability to support your long-term success. This awareness cascades into all aspects of your life long after the conclusion of each coaching session. I provide innovative mentoring to individuals seeking change by establishing the important values that determine success. The benefits from coaching are a greater enjoyment of life in business, relationships and personal health. You gain more confidence and clarity, along with evidence that your focused actions are effective and for a higher purpose. All this adds up to achieving your desired results while experiencing greater personal fulfillment.
Give yourself a gift! Achieve your full potential and Contact Denise Dema now at http://www.denisedema.com

"Happiness is that state of consciousness which proceeds from the achievement of one's values." -Ayn Rand