The Importance of Mentoring Employees

Smart entrepreneurs, executives and small business owners understand the importance of mentoring new and existing employees. One of the responsibilities of an executive in a leadership role is the professional development of their employees. To make the mentoring process work there has to be a deliberate effort to mold and shape an individual by providing the tools to help them perform better.

Mentors provide expertise to essentially less experienced individuals to help them advance their careers, enhance their skills and knowledge. Mentoring is an important aspect to leadership training and in today’s empowered workplace, the old school command and control structure is fading and self-directed work teams are the hot new organizing principle.

Everything within the system of the organization is acted upon by people. People are the organization. The strength and power of the organization is not as much dependent upon its material assets and resources as it is upon the resourcefulness of its people.

Mentoring employees takes the art and science of understanding employees individually and tapping into their true potentials for maximum effectiveness. Ordinary leaders think in terms of creating a vision of the future, yet often fail to create a context that will allow the vision to become a reality. The context is the mental environment that shapes, limits, and defines who the person is and what they see as possible and achievable.

As the global marketplace matures through the introduction of new technologies, competitive products, and economic climate changes, companies are being forced to change in order to remain successful. The manager’s job has become more complex and demanding, requiring the development of broader personal and professional leadership skills. Today’s leaders are confronted with increasing pressure to produce more with fewer resources.

In this pressure-packed environment, successful managers must use the role of leadership to create results by helping employees excel in making the right decisions, respond quickly to customers, take initiative and work well with peers. They also must use the art and science of mentoring to guide employees to double their effectiveness with new skills and greater efficiency in achieving their goals.

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