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Networking Your Way Through Life!

Networking is one of the easiest and cost effective ways to get the word out about your business. Social networking opportunities are limitless online and are very popular, but having some real time interaction with other business professionals face to face is still very important for local exposure and profitability.

One of the most popular ways people do this is by joining associations and industry groups. Members attend networking events for the purpose of gathering in one place to exchange business cards and to talk to other executives about each other’s business. This is a good place for person to person introductions to share information.
It is always good to start conversations with an introduction of yourself and then learn a bit about the other persons business needs so you have the ability to see if your products or services are a good fit. The importance of using that information with a prepared mini business pitch is critical in capturing an immediate interest in your business. By explaining the value and benefit of how your products and or services can improve their business, you create a need for further discussion. If this is done right, you will be able to book a follow up appointment at the owner’s place of business to build rapport further in order to then close the sale. If there really isn’t a fit or business synergy, then you can move on quickly to meet someone else that would better suit your time.

Often, people go to these functions without any preparation or thought focus and miss all the opportunities that are before them by just handing out their business card and engaging in some general conversation about what they do. The most successful executives always work smart. They ask questions, have a brief business pitch that creates value, exchange business cards to prospective clients and make follow up appointments right on the spot to maximize their efforts making these events profitable to attend.

Another way to network that is by far one of the most overlooked is to talk about what you do to everyone that crosses your path. There are many ways to engage with others socially in a passive, friendly way, that shares information about your business without sounding like an aggressive salesperson.

Each day you encounter people at places you frequent that might not know anything about what you do or the business you are in. All business owners use products and services not only to run their own company but also in their personal life as well which makes everywhere you go an opportunity. EVERYONE is a potential client when you mention to them what you do, and in doing so, they might also think of someone within their network of business contacts or family/friends that could use your services as well. The opportunities are endless when you start to expose your services to everyone you encounter. It’s as simple as handing them a business card and saying, “If you ever need my services or know anyone that might need them please share my number or pass my card to them. I will take good care of anyone you send my way.”
When you go to your dry cleaner, veterinarian, favorite restaurant, massage therapist, hair salon, doctor, gym or even to a wine tasting or art gallery, you can give the owner your business card for their reference. I am sure a lot of the places you frequent have been recommended to others in the past. Like telling people how delicious the food is at your favorite restaurant, how great your haircutter is, how well the vet takes care of your pet, how great your trainer is at your gym and so on. This should be mentioned to the business person you are speaking to if applicable in order to show them that you refer their business to colleagues, friends and family as well. This plays into the old saying, “One hand washes the other!”

Diversifying your marketing efforts by stepping out of the box is the key to bringing in clients from all different venues. Today can be the day that you look at the world as the land of opportunity by…… Networking Your Way Through Life!
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The Importance of Mentoring Employees

Smart entrepreneurs, executives and small business owners understand the importance of mentoring new and existing employees. One of the responsibilities of an executive in a leadership role is the professional development of their employees. To make the mentoring process work there has to be a deliberate effort to mold and shape an individual by providing the tools to help them perform better.

Mentors provide expertise to essentially less experienced individuals to help them advance their careers, enhance their skills and knowledge. Mentoring is an important aspect to leadership training and in today’s empowered workplace, the old school command and control structure is fading and self-directed work teams are the hot new organizing principle.

Everything within the system of the organization is acted upon by people. People are the organization. The strength and power of the organization is not as much dependent upon its material assets and resources as it is upon the resourcefulness of its people.

Mentoring employees takes the art and science of understanding employees individually and tapping into their true potentials for maximum effectiveness. Ordinary leaders think in terms of creating a vision of the future, yet often fail to create a context that will allow the vision to become a reality. The context is the mental environment that shapes, limits, and defines who the person is and what they see as possible and achievable.

As the global marketplace matures through the introduction of new technologies, competitive products, and economic climate changes, companies are being forced to change in order to remain successful. The manager’s job has become more complex and demanding, requiring the development of broader personal and professional leadership skills. Today’s leaders are confronted with increasing pressure to produce more with fewer resources.

In this pressure-packed environment, successful managers must use the role of leadership to create results by helping employees excel in making the right decisions, respond quickly to customers, take initiative and work well with peers. They also must use the art and science of mentoring to guide employees to double their effectiveness with new skills and greater efficiency in achieving their goals.

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