Help Others Feel Important

Why should we help others feel important? There are two giant reasons why we should find ways to make others feel important.  The first reason is that people will do more for you and be more willing to interact with you if you make them feel important.  They will want to be your friend, they will want to talk with you, and they will want to help you if they feel you value who they are.

The second major reason why you should make others feel important is because when you are helping others feel important you are helping yourself feel important as well.  Not only will you feel better about yourself when you practice noticing the good in others but the people you help feel important will in turn notice and talk about the good things in you.

So how do we help others feel important?

Here is a list of time-proven methods for helping others feel important.
  • Call people by their first name.   People are extremely attached to their name.  It has a certain ring in their ears.  If you call people by their first name in a pleasant, optimistic, and friendly manner they will show you more courtesy, more respect, and they will like you more.
  •  Acknowledge and pay attention to the people around you.  It does not take much energy to give the doorman, secretary, or taxi driver a kind and pleasant “good morning sir or mam”, but it will do wonders in the way they treat you.  When you acknowledge the people around you, they will acknowledge you in return.
  • Appreciate others.  Show appreciation for the things that others do.  If someone provides you with a quality service make sure you let them know.  If you enjoyed a conversation with a friend be sure to let them know that you appreciate the time and energy they have given you.  Sincere and honest appreciate can go a long way in building relationships as well as making others feel important.
  • Compliment others.  If you are paying attention to people you will begin to notice the things they do.  If your co-worker gets her hair done be sure to give her a compliment.  Be sincere and honest.  Pay attention and ask a related question.   Let the taxi driver know you think he is doing a great job driving in the busy streets.  Let your wife know how amazing the dinner she prepared was.
  • Be courteous and considerate.  Be considerate to the feelings of those around you.  If your husband is having a tough day and wants some time alone to think make sure you give him a period of quiet time to be with himself.  If your wife had a long day at the office and wants to talk make sure you earnestly listen to what she has to say.
  • Encourage others.   A bit of encouragement can help give a person the confidence to keep on.  When you encourage someone you are saying to them that you believe they can do whatever they are trying to do and that makes them feel important.
  • Give the other person a fine reputation to live up to. This is one of Dale Carnegie’s rules to making friends and influencing people.  The bottom line of this rule is that it helps others feel important.  When you give them a grand reputation they feel good about themselves and they believe in themselves.

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