Change Your Focus to the Positive!

The Law of Attraction states that what we focus on becomes our reality so it is very important to be aware of our thoughts. If we continually think about negative or the bad things in our lives then we will attract even more negativity. On the other hand if we focus on the positive we will be more likely to attract the positive. So the key is focus.

People who wish to make changes in their lives tend to do so because they are experiencing pain or bad feelings. This pain can actually lead to positive improvements, but in order to do so the focus must not be on the negative but instead on the positive outcome that is expected.
Remember that what you focus on becomes your reality. Focus on the positive.
Simple Focus Exercise:

1. Write down one of your negative thoughts. (I am not happy at work.)
2. Cross it out.
3. Find something positive about it and write that down.(I am respected and well paid) 
4. Spend some time focusing only on the positive aspect of that new thought.
5. When you feel that negative thought come up again just cross it out in your mind and replace it with the positive one.
Apply this exercise to all negative thoughts throughout your day. Express your mental power and before long you will be able to focus your attention on the positive things in your life and experience personal growth.
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