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Become Valuable in Your Career

When dealing with an extremely difficult economic climate where thousands of people lost their jobs, it’s important to try and put yourself in the strongest position possible to remain in employment in such a situation.

Here are a few powerful ways to make you indispensable at work. Next time there is a restructuring; you want to make yourself “restructure-proof” to ensure that you keep your job.

Focus on developing yourself

Managers love it when they can see that a member of their team is constantly developing and learning new skills. Those who are able to rise in the midst of a crisis and can be lent on heavily often become invaluable.

We live in a digital age and there are literally thousands of blogs and resources that you can read to help widen your understanding on particular areas. A good habit to get into is to set aside an hour each day to keep up to date with the latest industry news. You’ll find that you start to develop new skills in no time!

If, through continued development, you can establish yourself as someone that your manager can rely on, you’ll find that you’ll become indispensable should the company have to go through a restructuring.

Build strong relationships with key decision makers

As the old saying goes, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” It is not unheard of for someone to be able to climb up the ladder if they have built strong relationships with higher-level management.

With this in mind, make sure you are sociable and if there is a chance to help a key decision maker within the business, grab it with both hands! It again goes back to making yourself seen as someone who can be relied on; it is through this that you can be seen as truly indispensable.

Use your initiative

One thing that many employees fail to do is use their initiative. If you can see that your manager would benefit from your help on something, don’t be afraid to use your initiative and knock on their door to present an idea.

Let’s say that your company is going through a restructuring and they need to find a new office. Why don’t you go in and suggest that they look into serviced offices. Serviced offices are fantastic if you are looking for a sociable space that comes fully furnished. Your manager won’t need to worry about having to find Internet providers or search for a maintenance man; the office is ready for your company to move into.

Treat your colleagues with respect

This could seem like an obvious one, but if you don’t show your colleagues respect and are potentially detrimental to the success of the team, you can guarantee that your name will be one of the first on the list if the company has to think about making redundancies.

No manager wants their team to be unhappy and if you are seen as the person who is causing the boat to rock, you won’t be seen as indispensable at all. Learn to show others respect while being accountable and it will come back to you in more ways than one. Treat people like they matter, what they say and do and your business relationship will improve immensely!

Show a passion for the company and what you do

If you are working in a position that can be considered more of a career than just a job, it is important to show that you are passionate about what you do and that you genuinely care about the well being of the company.

If there is the opportunity to do a bit of extra work that will benefit the company, don’t shy away from staying a little later that evening to get it done. Even if your manager doesn’t come over and tell you, they will notice that you are staying late and appreciate the extra input. Good people who are genuinely passionate about the company they work for are hard to come by, and your manager will know it. Therefore, it is essential that you show your boss how motivated and passionate are, it will certainly help you in your goal to become indispensable.

If you make a conscious effort to implement the things mentioned within this page, you’ll put yourself in a strong position to become indispensable in the workplace.

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Living Passionately Takes Courage!

If you find yourself in a life that doesn’t fit you, take some action and do something about it! Don’t take easy way out. Don’t let your comfort zone trap you for life. It is never too late to live your passion. To live your passion, all you need is courage………

Courage is the strength to stand up when it's easier to fall down and lose hold.

It is the conviction to explore new horizons when it’s easier to believe what we’ve been told.

Courage is the desire to maintain our integrity when it is easier to look the other way.

It is feeling happy, alive and moving forward when it’s easier to feel sorry for ourselves and stay.

Courage is the will to shape our world when it’s easier to let someone else do it for us.

It is the recognition that none of us are perfect when it’s easier to criticize.

Courage is the power to step forward and lead when it’s easier to follow the crowd.

It is the spirit that places you on top of the mountain when it’s easier to never leave the ground.

The foundation of courage is solid, the rock that doesn’t roll.

Courage is the freedom of our mind, body, and soul!

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Discover Your Passions!

Your passion is that one thing which sets you free from the clutches of boredom, misery and aimlessness, while giving a purpose to your life bringing out the best in you. When you find your passion, it is like discovering a gold mine that had always been buried in your backyard. You do not follow your passion for money, fame or any other materialistic gains but because it makes your soul happy. It is as simple as that. It is pure love for what you do.

We all want to embrace our passions but we lose sight of it when social conformism kicks in. We stop believing in our passion in life when we listen less of the voice from within and more from those outside voices that tell us what to do! Most people find their passion early in life but are made to ignore it because it doesn't bring in money or because it doesn't conform to the plans that their parents had for them. Peer pressure kicks in and we ignore what we love for what brings us appreciation, acceptance and security. We become 'practical' and tread the beaten paths, while ignoring that one thing which makes us feel truly alive!

Leading a fulfilling life - a life you love and feel great about - is a matter of knowing how to put the pieces of your life together in a way that empowers you. Your best life starts with regaining CLARITY.

You create a fulfilling life by creatively capitalizing on your talents, passions and values. Self-knowledge is empowering. Once you have the ability to articulate your gifts you gain the power to actively use them, or leverage them, in your life. The more you know about yourself the more power you have to create the life you most want. The more you understand, the more you have to work with.
Why is it important to discover your passions? Well, think of it this way. What do you think of when you think of "passion"? Probably something exciting, enticing and fun! Another way to say it is passion = energy. Energy that feels good! Creating your best life takes energy. Your passions will give you the energy to do the work you need to do to create the life you most want. That's because what we are passionate about is what we care deeply about. Doing things we are most passionate about honors our spirit and brings joy to our lives.

If you're struggling in your life or career today it could be you're not involved in anything you feel passionate about. You may not care deeply enough about the things you're doing to give it your all or you may not have enough self-knowledge to bring your best to everyday life.

The following questions are meant to assist you in discovering your passions. Be as descriptive as you'd like.

1. What do you most enjoy doing for others?
2. What makes you truly happy?
3. What subject can you talk about for hours?
4. What are you most often complimented on?
5. What do you do where you lose all track of time?
6. What do the people closest to you say you are good at?
7. What ideas, things, places and/or people are you most inspired by?
8. What life experiences gave you the greatest sense of fulfillment and growth?

Once you discover your passions it turns on your power! Understanding what you're most passionate about and being able to articulate your passions will allow you to begin organizing your life with them in it. When you implement into your life the activities that really energize and excite you, it allows you to leverage the best of who you are to create a life you love. That not only leads to a life that works well, it leads to a life that feels great from the inside out!

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