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Discover Your Passions!

Your passion is that one thing which sets you free from the clutches of boredom, misery and aimlessness, while giving a purpose to your life bringing out the best in you. When you find your passion, it is like discovering a gold mine that had always been buried in your backyard. You do not follow your passion for money, fame or any other materialistic gains but because it makes your soul happy. It is as simple as that. It is pure love for what you do.

We all want to embrace our passions but we lose sight of it when social conformism kicks in. We stop believing in our passion in life when we listen less of the voice from within and more from those outside voices that tell us what to do! Most people find their passion early in life but are made to ignore it because it doesn't bring in money or because it doesn't conform to the plans that their parents had for them. Peer pressure kicks in and we ignore what we love for what brings us appreciation, acceptance and security. We become 'practical' and tread the beaten paths, while ignoring that one thing which makes us feel truly alive!

Leading a fulfilling life - a life you love and feel great about - is a matter of knowing how to put the pieces of your life together in a way that empowers you. Your best life starts with regaining CLARITY.

You create a fulfilling life by creatively capitalizing on your talents, passions and values. Self-knowledge is empowering. Once you have the ability to articulate your gifts you gain the power to actively use them, or leverage them, in your life. The more you know about yourself the more power you have to create the life you most want. The more you understand, the more you have to work with.
Why is it important to discover your passions? Well, think of it this way. What do you think of when you think of "passion"? Probably something exciting, enticing and fun! Another way to say it is passion = energy. Energy that feels good! Creating your best life takes energy. Your passions will give you the energy to do the work you need to do to create the life you most want. That's because what we are passionate about is what we care deeply about. Doing things we are most passionate about honors our spirit and brings joy to our lives.

If you're struggling in your life or career today it could be you're not involved in anything you feel passionate about. You may not care deeply enough about the things you're doing to give it your all or you may not have enough self-knowledge to bring your best to everyday life.

The following questions are meant to assist you in discovering your passions. Be as descriptive as you'd like.

1. What do you most enjoy doing for others?
2. What makes you truly happy?
3. What subject can you talk about for hours?
4. What are you most often complimented on?
5. What do you do where you lose all track of time?
6. What do the people closest to you say you are good at?
7. What ideas, things, places and/or people are you most inspired by?
8. What life experiences gave you the greatest sense of fulfillment and growth?

Once you discover your passions it turns on your power! Understanding what you're most passionate about and being able to articulate your passions will allow you to begin organizing your life with them in it. When you implement into your life the activities that really energize and excite you, it allows you to leverage the best of who you are to create a life you love. That not only leads to a life that works well, it leads to a life that feels great from the inside out!

It’s time to get started on achieving your full potential and incorporating your passions into your life. Work with a Business and Life Management Coach with over 20 years experience empowering people to attain self-defined success in their professional & personal lives. Book a complimentary session at 

Embrace the Moment and Learn To Be Happy

Simply by learning to embrace and live in the moment you can achieve the happiness that seems to elude most people. Simple living is a concept that most people can’t imagine because the world is so complicated. Actually your world is what you have made of it and its pace has been created by you. Think for a minute of a typical day in your life. Is it rushed from the time you wake up? Are you stressed about everything along the way or is it calm and peaceful throughout the day? The way you are living is what you have chosen, not what has been given to you. Your life is the blueprint of the choices you have made, and will only change when you change the plan. Being happy is all relative to what it is that makes you happy. Everyone can learn to embrace the moment and be free of the patterns they have created. Think about if you are living your life expecting someone else to make you happy, or are you taking responsibility for your own happiness? Do you you rely on money, family and friends to make your world happy even though those are outside forces that were created by your own decisions? Why can’t you live in the moment if it brings you joy instead of expecting something more from others?

A good place to start is with your own internal dialogue and what is in your head. If you tell yourself each morning that you are able to handle things calmly and honestly, and then remind yourself throughout the day that you are what you think, and then you will start to become aware of your actions. Look at the things that take place throughout your day without judgment so there is less stress in your life. Treat others with respect and respect will be given to you in return. Happiness comes from within, but how you have chosen to live in the external world that you have created, will determine how often you feel peace, joy, and respect. To be able to live with an attitude of gratitude and to be thankful for the simple things that cross your path every day will bring you more joy. Allowing that joy to enter your heart will bring peace to your soul. Internal peace is always found through self awareness and growth.

Make a list of the things that make you happy and look at how much, or how often those things are in your life now. Each day you should surround yourself with what actually brings you joy. First, knowing what those things are, and then creating the space for them will be the start of making joy prevalent in your life. You must also start to create boundaries and eliminate the things and people that are not serving you as well. Stop giving your energy each day to things that drain you. Start becoming aware of how you spend your time and what moments you are missing along the way. Appreciating simple pleasures each day will slow your mind down and bring you back to the basics of feeling joyful. Being aware of what’s right in front of you will force you into the moment. Embracing the many little moments that take place in a day can bring a lifetime of happiness and joy to your life.

Find a minute of peace in your day or evening to just close your eyes and give thanks with a happy heart for all your blessings. Call people you love more often and spend less time with those who are always angry. Create an outside activity each day even if it’s for 15 minutes and connect with the world. Commit yourself to organize something in your home or at work to get your surroundings in line with your values. Make a commitment to change just one thing today and embrace the moment, even if the moment is reading this article. Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Once you are relaxed, open your eyes and think about what you just read and how you can apply something to your present circumstance.

It’s really up to you to make the simple changes that will help you embrace moments that can bring you happiness. If your world is so complicated that you can’t stop and feel some joy throughout your day, then enjoyment of the moment is lost. Stress and judgment will not bring you the happiness you deserve. You always have the power to bring joy into your life because your life is your own, and happiness is a choice. Uncomplicate the day and release the negative thoughts in your mind. The simple things that make you truly happy will become more prevalent and those moments you embrace will define your happiness.

“When we are capable of living in the moment free from the tyranny of “shoulds,” free from the nagging sensation that this moment isn’t right, we will have peaceful hearts. “ -- Joan Borysenko

Denise Dema is a Business and Life Management Coach who has over 20 years experience empowering individuals, entrepreneurs and business owners to attain self-defined success in their professional & personal lives. To learn more about the author and her practice please visit