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Take This Relationship Assessment

Please answer the following questions with a yes or no to see where you stand in your relationship today.

I am whole when I'm alone; being with my partner increases my happiness.

I know my partner's most important values and share them.

I tell my partner the truth, even about the little details.

I respect my partner and do not insult or speak sarcastically, especially when I'm angry.

I'm doing everything I can to contribute to the success of our relationship.

I am fully present with my partner when we make love.

I am grateful for the love I feel in this relationship; my partner lifts my spirits.

I trust my partner as much or more than anyone else in my life.

As a couple we are attractive; people seek our company.

I have listened to my partner so well that I often know what s/he is thinking.

This relationship is completely consistent with my personal integrity.

I choose to be honest, faithful, and committed to my partner.

I listen to my partner fully' I don't interrupt or contradict my partner when s/he is speaking.

When I make a mistake, I say so, and apologize for any negative consequences.

My needs for closeness and independence are balanced in this relationship.

I have communicated my personal needs around sex and intimacy, and they are understood, accepted, and being fulfilled in a way which feels good.

Our relationship heightens my personal power, passion, and vivacity.

I am careful about what I promise; I don't set my partner up for disappointment.
Your Totals:   YES                    NO

How did you do? If you scored less than 15 in the yes column, Coaching is what you’ve been looking for.  Coaching is perfect to create clarity, self awareness and give you the tools to help you excel in your relationships.

Get on the right path to achieve your full potential! Focus on personal development to improve your life. Work with a Business and Life Management Coach who has over 20 years’ experience empowering people to attain self-defined success in their personal and professional life.  Book a free strategy session at

Develop a Healthy Mindset.....

Most people perceive they have issues that need fixing in some way in order to be successful or to be loved and appreciated for who they are. If you are one of the many striving for 'perfection' with unrealistic expectations you may experience moments of anger, frustration, even anxiousness and periods of sadness. Ask yourself the following questions to find out if you have a balanced, healthy mindset geared for your greater self-worth. If you answer no to 3 or more of these questions you might consider finding a way to shift any 'no' to 'yes' to boost your sense of self-worth and self-appreciation:

Do you know what is really important to you and how to fill your  life with actions that inspire you?

Do you understand what drives you and why and how that impacts everything you do?

Are you living a life free of shame, guilt and regret?

Are you doing what you love and loving what you do?

Do you know how to manage your emotions so that they do not control you or impact your daily life and relationships?

Do you feel everyday that you are worthy and loveable?

Do you see how all your previous challenges and self-labels have served you and your life?

Work with a Business and Life Management Coach to assist you in understanding yourself, what makes you who you are and what drives you. Learn the mechanisms of perceptions and how to dissolve the emotions standing in the way of you being grateful for you, your life and your experiences. You can manage and turn challenge to opportunity by focusing on your true power and potential. Book a complimentary session at to get started today!